Common Flop Odds Chart

Our common flop odds chart shows the exact odds of flopping specific hand or draw types with various hole card groupings in Texas Holdem.

Remember that every mistake you make preflop will only be magnified on later streets. The chart below clearly shows that playing weak hole cards (for example three gapped connectors) will rarely give you the best hand on the flop.

This is why you should play only a narrow range of the best hole cards and fold everything else. It is especially important when you are a beginner. The more weak hands you play, the more money you will lose in the long term.

Common flop odds chart

Hole CardsFloppingOdds
Unpaired Hole Cardsexactly one pair by pairing a hole card26.939%
exactly two pair by pairing a hole card and pairing on the board2.02%
exactly two pair by pairing each of your hole cards2.02%
exactly trips by flopping two cards to a hole card1.347%
exactly a full house, trips of one hole card and pairing the other0.092%
exactly four of a kind, three cards to one of your hole cards0.01%
Paired Hole Cardsexactly two pair by pairing the board16.163%
exactly trips by flopping a set for your pocket pair10.775%
exactly a full house, a set to your hole pair and pairing the board0.735%
exactly a full house, by the board tripping up0.245%
exactly four of a kind, two cards to your hole pair0.245%
Two Unsuited Cardsa flush draw2.245%
Two Suited Cardsa flush (including straight flush)0.842%
a flush draw10.944%
(54 to JT)
a straight (including straight flush)1.306%
an 8 out straight draw (excluding gutshots)10.449%
One Gapped
(53 to QT)
a straight (including straight flush)0.98%
an 8 out straight draw (excluding gutshots)8.08%
Two Gapped
(52 to KT)
a straight (including straight flush)0.653%
an 8 out straight draw (excluding gutshots)5.224%
Three Gapped
(A5 to AT)
a straight (including straight flush)0.327%
an 8 out straight draw (excluding gutshots)2.612%

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