Poker Affiliate & Casino Affiliate

Besides just playing good poker, you can make some extra money by promoting online poker rooms and casinos. This is called poker and casino affiliate programs.

The idea is quite simple - you bring new players to a poker room or casino and receive commission. The hard part is to find and convience players to play there.

How much can a poker or casino affiliate earn?

There are three types of affiliate deals:

 Revenue share - 20-50% lifetime commision
 CPA - $75-$225 one time payment
 Hybrid deals - mix of small revenue share and small CPA

Top affiliates make over $100,000 a month. Of course, you cannot expect to earn so much from the beginning but earning $10,000 a month is well achievable.

What deal type is the most profitable?

The revenue share is always the most profitable in the long run. Example - there are a lot of regular poker players that generate $5,000 in rake each month. If you bring only one such a player through a 40% revenue share deal, you will earn $2,000 each month just for this one player. If you referred the same player under a $150 CPA deal, instead, you would earn only $150 and this is it, no more commission on this player.

You also need to remember that if you bring a lot of players generating almost no profit, the poker room/casino can refuse to pay you the CPA commission. At the end of the day, with a CPA deal, you will always earn less than with a revenue share. Therefore, we strongly recommend to choose revenue share deals whenever possible.

How to start being a poker or casino affiliate?

It is very easy to become an affiliate. Just signup with an affiliate program and you can start promoting their brands. There are multiple ways to promote your poker room/casino, such as:

 Running a website
 Posting on online forums
 Instant messengers
 Email (unless it is spam)
 Offline promotion (among friends)

What poker affiliate programs do you recommend?

Virtually every poker room and casino has its own affiliate program for example Gaming Club. However, it can be problematic for a beginning affiliate to signup with each of those programs separately. If you decide to promote 10 brands, you can end up signing up with up to 10 different programs. It will not be very comfortable to track your earnings this way. Occasionally, you may also run into some affiliate scam in case of some new and unknown programs. Additionally, as a small affiliate you will find it hard to negotiate a very profitable deal.

This is where the Poker Affiliate Solutions network comes. It is an integrated platform that allows you to promote countless brands from one place. Top advantages of using this network include:

 Higher commission
 Many brands to choose from
 Centralized payment system
 Wide range of marketing tools
 Detailed reports

There are no fees for participating in this program. You can only earn money there. It is completely safe and very popular among affiliates. The best part is that you can refer new affiliates and get extra commission on them. So if you are lucky to refer a future top affiliate, you can earn some serious money without any effort.

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