Basic Blackjack Strategy

The payout rate in blackjack can be as high as 99.5%. However, you will need to employ a proper strategy to achieve such results in the long term. Most casual casino players play incorrectly, which results in much bigger house advantage.

Basic blackjack strategy

Unlike in poker games, there is a matematically optimal strategy that can be used in blackjack. It was developed with computers running millions of simulations in order to provide the optimal solution for every blackjack situation.

Initially, the blackjack basic strategy charts consisted of about 250 cells. However, it was difficult to memorize, especially for beginners. Fortunately later on, simpler strategy charts were developed and we provide them for you below.

This basic strategy assumes the most common blackjack rules, where the dealer stands on soft 17 and 4+ decks are in use. A hard hand is one that does not contain an ace or with an ace forced to count as point or the hand would bust. A soft hand contains an ace that can count either as one or eleven points.

Basic blackjack strategy charts

Your HandDealer's Up Card
2 to 67 to Ace
4 to 8HitHit
10 or 11Double with more than dealer
12 to 16StandHit
17 to 21StandStand
13 to 15HitHit
16 to 18DoubleHit
19 to 21StandStand
22,33,66,77,99SplitDo not split
44,55,88,10-10Do not splitDo not split

Additional notes:

 Never take insurance.
 Surrender your 16 against dealer’s 10.
 If the strategy tells to surrender but you are not allowed, then hit.
 If the strategy tells to double but it is not allowed, then hit. Stand only with a 18 soft.
 If the strategy tells not to split, then treat the hand as hard.
 If you have a hard 10 or 11, double if the dealer has less points than you, treating his ace as 11 points, i.e. double with 10 vs. a 2 to 9, and with 11 vs. 2 to 10.

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